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Qingwu Meng and Erik S. Runkle

+FR of 0.64 (R:FR = 0.59), indicating LEDs that emit an intermediate P FR /P R+FR are a feasible replacement for INC lamps. In this study, the P FR /P R+FR of the INC lamps and R + W + FR LEDs was 0.64 (R:FR = 0.56) and 0.67 (R:FR = 0.82), respectively

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Samuel Contreras, Mark A. Bennett, and David Tay

second harvest (23 Aug.) were used for germination and germinability assessment. Seed evaluation and data analysis were performed according to methodology described in Expt. 1. For the accelerated aging (AA) test, lettuce seeds were aged at 41 °C and ≈100

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Thomas J. Molnar and John M. Capik

combined with a fungus with a long latent period, where the necessary test crosses and other genetic studies are typically not economically feasible. Deciphering the underlying mechanics of resistance will require the screening of a much wider diversity of

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W. Garrett Owen and Roberto G. Lopez

feasibility of estimating chlorophyll content and color of sweet pepper ( Capsicum annum L. ‘Capistrano’) and butterhead lettuce ‘Lores’, respectively. To our knowledge, no published information exists on EOP (prior to harvest) SL from LEDs to enhance leaf

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Toktam Taghavi, Alireza Rahemi, Reza Rafie, and Maru K. Kering

turmeric’s high susceptibility to rhizome rot diseases ( Khader et al., 1994 ; Shagufta et al., 2009 ). Turmeric is vulnerable to a number of fungal diseases, with the rhizome rot being the most destructive one, causing enormous economic damage. Pythium

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Teal Hendrickson, Bruce L. Dunn, Carla Goad, Bizhen Hu, and Hardeep Singh

Cited Abbas, M.S. 2014 Assessment of density and cultivation type on growth and yield of two cultivars of basil ( Ocimum basilicum L.) Intl. J. Agron. Agr. Res. 5 1 74 79 Al-Rawahy, M.S. Al-Rawahy, S.A. Al-Mulla, Y.A. Nadaf, S

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Nicholas Meier, Mark V. Coggeshall, J. Bryan Webber, Elias Bunting, and Ronald S. Revord

demonstrates horticultural and economic feasibility in Missouri, USA Acta Hort. 1109 101 106 Vahdati, K. Arab, M.M. Sarikhani, S. Sadat-Hosseini, M. Leslie, C.A. Brown, P.J. 2019 Advances in

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Florence A. Becot, Virginia Nickerson, David S. Conner, and Jane M. Kolodinsky

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 1998 ). Although GAPs were developed over 10 years ago, there is limited research on the costs of implementation to farmers. This article addresses the economic costs of GAPs audit on farms in Vermont. Surveys

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Hyungmin Rho, Paul Colaizzi, James Gray, Li Paetzold, Qingwu Xue, Bhimanagouda Patil, and Charles Rush

; ). TSWV assessment. To assess the incidence of TSWV, we scouted for typical diagnostic symptoms of TSWV infection in peppers and tomatoes at harvest time in 2018. Plants showing symptoms (mosaic, leaf curling, or plant death

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Jayesh B. Samtani, Curt R. Rom, Heather Friedrich, Steven A. Fennimore, Chad E. Finn, Andrew Petran, Russell W. Wallace, Marvin P. Pritts, Gina Fernandez, Carlene A. Chase, Chieri Kubota, and Brad Bergefurd

effective ( Kroggel, 2014 ; Stanley, 1998 ). Water and fertilizer solutions are recycled and efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is used. However, the economic feasibility of such protected systems has not been demonstrated. The current PYO market