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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, Mengmeng Gu, and Joseph Masabni

added to the mixture and absorbance was measured at 520 nm using the aforementioned microplate reader. Results were expressed as milligrams (+)-catechin hydrate equivalent per gram FW of plant leaves. Antioxidant capacity analysis. The antioxidant

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, and Mengmeng Gu

µL distilled water were added to the mixture, and its absorbance was measured at 520 nm using the aforementioned microplate reader. Results are expressed as milligrams of (+)-catechin hydrate equivalent per gram FW of basil leaves. Antioxidant

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Lixiang Miao, Yuchao Zhang, Xiaofang Yang, Jinping Xiao, Huiqin Zhang, Ming Jiang, Zuofa Zhang, Yuezhi Wang, and Guihua Jiang

vitamins), strawberry fruits also contain diverse non-nutrient molecules, such as ellagic acid, anthocyanins, quercetin, and catechin. Phenolic compounds are powerful free radical scavengers and exhibit strong antioxidant capacity. Antioxidant and bioactive

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Alison L. Reeve, Patricia A. Skinkis, Amanda J. Vance, Katherine R. McLaughlin, Elizabeth Tomasino, Jungmin Lee, and Julie M. Tarara

. (1995) found that wine from more-exposed ‘Pinot noir’ clusters had higher berry quercetin glycosides but lower catechin and epicatechin concentrations. In our study, there was no consistent factor that influenced TA. Yield, leaf blade N, and PPF were

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Yifei Wang, Stephanie K. Fong, Ajay P. Singh, Nicholi Vorsa, and Jennifer Johnson-Cicalese

identified as epicatechin or catechin by LC-ESI-MS-MS, were not quantified by HPLC in the present study. Monomer PACs were previously reported to account for only 1.0% to 2.2% of total PACs in highbush and lowbush blueberries ( Gu et al., 2004 ), therefore

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Rong Zhang, Zhubing Yan, Yikun Wang, Xuesen Chen, Chengmiao Yin, and Zhiquan Mao

contents of replant soil As shown in Table 3 , compared with CK1, the contents of phloridzin, ferulic acid, catechin, and vanillin were 30.07%, 32.20%, 41.88%, and 17.01% less in CK2; 17.85%, 18.14%, 11.74%, and 11.81% less in T1; and 39.39%, 51.70%, 63

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Humberto Aguirre-Becerra, Juan Fernando García-Trejo, Cristina Vázquez-Hernández, Aurora Mariana Alvarado, Ana Angélica Feregrino-Pérez, Luis Miguel Contreras-Medina, and Ramón G. Guevara-Gonzalez

equivalent gallic acid per gram of dry weight (mg GAE/g DW), and the total flavonoid content was determined by the assay reported by Zhishen et al. (1999) and expressed as milligrams of equivalent of catechin per gram of dry weight (mg CE/g DW). Statistical

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Yuqing Wang, Richard J. Heerema, James L. Walworth, Barry Dungan, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and F. Omar Holguin

, K. Wang, P.W. Oda, K. Sabate, J. 2011 Pecans acutely increase plasma postprandial antioxidant capacity and catechins and decrease LDL oxidation in humans J. Nutr. 141 56 62 doi: 10.3945/jn.110.121269 10.1016/S0304-4238(99)00070-9 International Nut

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Ying Wang, Tingting Xue, Xing Han, Lingxiao Guan, Liang Zhang, Hua Wang, and Hua Li

concentrations of several phenolic monomers (quercetin, catechin, and peinidin 3-galactoside), increased key enzymatic activities, and increased expression of genes involved in the key phenolic synthesis pathway. An increase in the anthocyanin concentration was

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Eliezer S. Louzada and Chandrika Ramadugu

oxygenated heterocycle pyrone ring. Six dietary flavonoids are recognized: flavones, flavonols, flavanones, flavanols (catechins), anthocyanins, and isoflavonoids ( Zhang, 2007 ). Citrus has four types of the flavonoids: flavanones (about 98%), and smaller