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Tyler C. Hoskins, James S. Owen Jr., and Alex X. Niemiera

substrate physical properties and species-specific root architectures on water movement patterns may provide valuable insight that enhances substrate moisture management. Conclusions The results of this study demonstrate the tendency for water to channel

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Shirin Shahkoomahally, Jose X. Chaparro, Thomas G. Beckman, and Ali Sarkhosh

. In general, rootstocks differ in their root architecture, root cation exchange capacities, and root exudates, which can, in turn, influence leaf nutrient concentrations ( Kucukyumuk and Erdal, 2011 ). In our case, some leaf macronutrient levels

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Robert E. Paull, Benjamin Wiseman, and Gail Uruu

.1086/335540 Krauss, B.H. 1949b Anatomy of the vegetative organs of the pineapple Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. (concluded). III. The root and the cork Bot. Gaz. 110 550 587 Lynch, J. 1995 Root architecture and plant

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Ellen T. Paparozzi, Jazbaat K. Chahal, Petre Dobrev, Elizabeth A. Claassen, Walter W. Stroup, and Radomira Vankova

their uptake and assimilation as well as modulate root architecture to proliferate in nutrient-rich zones ( Ruffel et al., 2011 ). One of the key growth-limiting nutrients is N and plants have adopted different strategies to cope with its limitation

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Lauren Lindsey, Raymon Shange, Ramble O. Ankumah, Desmond G. Mortley, and Sangita Karki

, E. 2013 Variation in nitrogen rate and local availability alter root architecture attributes at the onset of storage root initiation in ‘Beauregard’ sweetpotato HortScience 48 808 815 Walkley, A. Black, I.A. 1934 An examination of the Degtjareff

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Adrienne E. Kleintop, James R. Myers, Dimas Echeverria, Henry J. Thompson, and Mark A. Brick

. Cregan, P.B. Song, Q. McClean, P. Noffsinger, S. Myers, J.R. 2015 Mapping and root rot resistance and root architecture quantitative trait loci in common bean Crop Sci. 55 1969 1977 Hempel, J. Böhm, H. 1996 Quality and quantity of prevailing flavonoid

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David H Suchoff, Christopher C. Gunter, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, and Frank J. Louws

Ecol. 207 233 244 Ho, M.D. Rosas, J.C. Brown, K.M. Lynch, J.P. 2005 Root architectural tradeoffs for water and phosphorus acquisition Funct. Plant Biol. 32 737 748 Hsaio, T.C. 1973 Plant responses to water stress Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 24 519 570

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Lesley A. Judd, Brian E. Jackson, and William C. Fonteno

the outside of the substrate and cannot completely assess root growth of plants in containers (root architecture, root diameter) as a result of many of the roots still not visible inside the substrate. Literature Cited Aendekerk, T.G. 1997

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Ruining Li, Wenwen Huang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xiaoying Liu, and Zhigang Xu

10 1 57 62 Lynch, J.P. 1995 Root architecture and plant productivity Plant Physiol. 109 7 13 Ma, X. Wang, Y. Liu, M. Xu, J. Xu, Z. 2015 Effects of green and red lights on the growth and morphogenesis of potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) plantlets in

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Eric M. Lyons, Peter J. Landschoot, and David R. Huff

accumulation of roots from closely clipped bentgrasses and on the quality of turf Soil Sci. 58 17 24 Bowman, D.C. Devitt, D.A. Engelke, M.C. Rufty, T.W. Jr 1998 Root Architecture affects nitrate leaching from bentgrass turf Crop Sci. 38 1633 1638 Christians, N