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Mohammad Majdi, Ghasem Karimzadeh, Mohammad A. Malboobi, Reza Omidbaigi, and Ghader Mirzaghaderi

.5 mL was added and incubated for 5 min at root temperature (RT). The suspension of released nuclei was filtered through a 50-μm CellTris disposable filter to remove cell debris. Stained nuclei were analyzed by the Partec PAI Flow Cytometer using

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Edward W. Bush and Pamela B. Blanchard

plant debris. The ends of the ground cloth were buried in the trenches with the remaining soil and this was covered with pea gravel so that it was even with the interior of the container yard. The portable dog kennel was erected around the area being

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Terry Bates and Justin Morris

pruning. This structure can increase disease incidence, decrease pesticide spray penetration, and add debris to harvest bins during mechanical harvesting ( Becker and Pearson, 1993 ; Landers and Farooq, 2004 ). When considering the overall picture of

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J.D. Hansen, M.A. Watkins, M.L. Heidt, and P.A. Anderson

cocoons such as in bark or on debris lying on the ground ( Putman, 1963 ; Simpson, 1903 ). By definition, feeding larvae are not diapausing larvae. In our study, we artificially tried to infest fruit with apparent diapausing larvae but only succeeded with

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Christine E.H. Coker, Gary Bachman, Chris Boyd, Pamela B. Blanchard, Ed Bush, and Mengmeng Gu

. The students would go to the restoration sites to conduct project maintenance such as removing storm debris, pruning trees, installing new plant material, or adding sediment after major storm events. Physical and chemical monitoring could include

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Thomas E. Marler

were available to conduct the carbohydrate analyses (described in the following paragraphs). The propagation protocols followed those of Marler and Cruz (2017) . All leaves and debris were removed from the apex. The base of each stem cutting was

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Elisabeth M. Meyer, Darren H. Touchell, and Thomas G. Ranney

dish with 400 μL of nuclei extraction buffer (CyStain ultraviolet Precise P Nuclei Extraction Buffer®; Partec, Münster, Germany). The solution was filtered through Partec CellTrics™ disposable filters with a pore size of 50 μm to remove tissue debris

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Andrew P. Wycislo, John R. Clark, and Douglas E. Karcher

small water drops or tiny specks of debris. However, because all anomalies were much smaller (usually less than 500 pixels) than the 10 actual berries (usually greater than 8000 pixels), the noise was easily filtered and the 10 individual data lines

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Anthony P. Keinath

and Walker, 1949 ). It survives in dead, infected host debris for up to 2 years in semitropical climates ( Keinath, 2008 ), which is longer than it survived in northern climates ( Chiu and Walker, 1949 ; van Steekelenburg, 1983 ). Clearly, the

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Michael W. Smith, William D. Goff, and M. Lenny Wells

coarse woody debris in temperate ecosystems Adv. Ecol. Res 15 133 302 Kluepfel, D.A. McClean, A.E. Yakabe, L.E. Maccree, M.M. Parker, S.R. 2010 Detection and implication of early Agrobacterium tumefaciens infection of Paradox seeds and seedlings Acta