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Lili Dong, Qi Wang, Feng Xiong, Na Liu, and ShuiMing Zhang

. Vertical bars indicate se . Lowercase letters a and b indicate significant differences. Expression of CmMAX1 was repressed by different phytohormones. To study the regulation of CmMAX1 by strigolactone, auxin, and cytokinin, we detected the expression

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Yung-I Lee

of explant survival with shoot formation/number of explant survival × 100%. Effect of cytokinins on shoot multiplication. To investigate the effect of cytokinins on the shoot multiplication, the explants collected in January were inoculated

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Xiaoling He, Susan C. Miyasaka, Yi Zou, Maureen M.M. Fitch, and Yun J. Zhu

·L −1 NAA or 0 to 9 mg·L −1 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)], cytokinin (0 to 15 mg·L −1 BA or 0 to 8 mg·L −1 kinetin), or taro extract (0 to 20 mg·L −1 TE; Yam et al., 1990 ) were tested ( Table 1 ). Types and concentrations of

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Jin Cui, Juanxu Liu, Jianjun Chen, and Richard J. Henny

regenerating C. arundinaceum and C. borivilianum where synthetic cytokinins of BA and KN were used. The present study found that BA and KN as well as CPPU were ineffective in callus induction. High frequencies of callus and shoot induction were achieved by

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Yujie Yang, Donglin Zhang, Zhihui Li, Xiaoling Jin, and Jinying Dong

. Effect of cytokinins on shoot proliferation. To figure out the optimal conditions for axillary bud proliferation and shoot elongation, 6-BA at 2.22, 4.44, 8.88, or 17.76 µM and ZT (Sigma Chemical Co., Perth, WA) at 2.28, 4.56, 9.12, or 18.24 µM were

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Hilda E. Lee-Espinosa, Joaquín Murguía-González, Benjamín García-Rosas, Ana L. Córdova-Contreras, Antonio Laguna-Cerda, Javier O. Mijangos-Cortés, Luis F. Barahona-Pérez, Lourdes G. Iglesias-Andreu, and Nancy Santana-Buzzy

height) after 30 to 45 d were transferred to a proliferation medium containing the same cytokinin concentrations used for the induction stage with the addition of 4.45 μ m naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) in each treatment. Fifteen explants were used for

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Aikaterini N. Martini and Maria Papafotiou

landscape architecture and restoration, particularly of degraded areas with a Mediterranean climate. Various cytokinins (BA, zeatin, kinetin, 2iP) and their effective concentrations were evaluated regarding in vitro blastogenesis and rooting to determine

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A. Smigocki and F. Hammerschlag

Immature `Redhaven' peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) embryos were infected with Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain tms328::Tn5 carrying the functional cytokinin gene. Shoots were regenerated from callus grown on MS medium without added phytohormones and subsequently rooted on half-strength MS medium with 2.8 -naphthaleneacetic acid. These plants exhibited an increased frequency of branching in vitro. Low levels of cytokinin gene transcripts were detected in these cells by Northern analysis, and using an ELISA assay, the cytokinins zeatin and zeatinriboside were determined to be on the average 30-fold higher. From these results, the expression of the cytokinin gene appears to promote growth of cells in the absence of phytohormones thus serving as a marker for transformation and a promoter of morphogenesis without a 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid inductive step.

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M. Cecilia Peppi and Matthew W. Fidelibus

cytokinin forchlorfenuron [N-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N′-phenylurea], commonly known as CPPU, can further increase berry size and may also improve fruit firmness ( Dokoozlian et al., 1994 ; Melillo, 2005 ; Nickell, 1986 , Oswald, 1994 ; Reynolds et al., 1992

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Norman Q. Arancon, Archana Pant, Theodore Radovich, Nguyen V. Hue, Jesse K. Potter, and Chad E. Converse

phytohormones [e.g., abscisic acid (ABA) and ABA metabolites, cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins] of lyophilized compost tea samples were analyzed at the Plant Biotechnology Institute of the National Research Council of Canada (PBI-NRC Saskatoon, Saskatchewan