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Alex B. Daniels, David M. Barnard, Phillip L. Chapman, and William L. Bauerle

validate the light transfer for conifer species. A detailed description of how MAESTRA calculates light distribution and associated references is given in Bauerle et al. (2004) . Species-specific parameter values used by the photosynthesis and stomatal

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Mason T. MacDonald, Rajasekaran R. Lada, A. Robin Robinson, and Jeff Hoyle

) have also found that Bioprotect® 2 (a conifer-derived phenolic compound; discovered by Dr. Lada, NSAC, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada) and glycinebetaine (a quaternary ammonium compound) effectively promote drought tolerance in carrots. Another compound of

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Majken Pagter and Michelle Williams

hardening and dehardening J. Biosci. 29 449 459 Burr, K.E. Hawkins, C.D.B. Hirondelle, S.J.L. Binder, W.D. George, M.F. Repo, T. 2001 Methods for measuring cold hardiness of conifers 369 401 Bigras F.J. Colombo S.J. Conifer cold hardiness Kluwer Academic

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Jun Liu, Orville M. Lindstrom, and Dario J. Chavez

thermal analysis and freezing injury in cold hardy blueberry flower buds J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 104 444 449 Bigras, F.J. Colombo, S. 2013 Conifer cold hardiness. Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands Burr, K.E. Tinus, R.W. Wallner, S.J. King, R.M. 1990

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Andrew R. King, Michael A. Arnold, Douglas F. Welsh, and W. Todd Watson

, K. Castro, M.R. Lima, M. de Oliveira, P. Zavattieri, M.A. 2010 Adventitious rooting of conifers: Influence of physical and chemical factors Trees (Berl.) 24 975 992 Rein, W.H. Wright, R.D. Seiler, J.R. 1991 Propagation medium moisture level

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Pinghai Ding, Leslie H. Fuchigami, and Carolyn F. Scagel

.A. Asner, G.P. Middleton, E.M. Chan, S.S. 1999 A revised measurement methodology for conifer needles spectral optical properties: Evaluating the influence of gaps between elements Remote Sens. Environ. 68 177 192 10

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Gary Chastagner, L. Eric Hinesley, and Jeff Owen

of these fire retardants would have on the drying and flammability of other types of conifers. In the experiment with Fraser fir, the retardant solution was sprayed to runoff on the upper (adaxial) surface of the foliage, which could possibly

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Chris A. Martin, Sean A. Whitcomb, and Jean C. Stutz

controls on soil respiration in the dominant patch types of an old-growth, mixed-conifer forest For. Sci. 51 221 232 Martin, C.A. 2001 Landscape water use in Phoenix, Arizona Desert Plants 17 26 31

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Ursula K. Schuch, H. Brent Pemberton, and Jack J. Kelly

of broad-leaved seedlings J. Hort. Sci. 60 377 387 Lefevre, R.E. Cameron, A.C. Peterson, N.C. 1991 Influence of moisture loss during storage on new growth of conifer seedlings J. Environ. Hort. 9

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Haley Hibbert-Frey, John Frampton, Frank A. Blazich, Doug Hundley, and L. Eric Hinesley

in vigor; first-order shoots have larger and more numerous buds and greater potential growth than second-order shoots. Lateral shoots of many conifers, especially Abies and Picea A. Dietr. (spruce) sp., tend to remain plagiotropic for some time