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Juan Guillermo Cruz-Castillo, Juan Ángel Tinoco-Rueda, and Franco Famiani

the size and shape of the fruit resemble avocado ( Persea americana Mill). It is attractive as a fresh product. In Mexico it is consumed by spreading the pulp of the fruit on maize tortillas and in Guatemala by adding the pulp to black bean soup. It

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Raquel Enedina Medina-Carrillo, Samuel Salazar-García, Jorge Armando Bonilla-Cárdenas, Juan Antonio Herrera-González, Martha Elva Ibarra-Estrada, and Arturo Álvarez-Bravo

of pathogens and other stresses. In avocado ( Persea americana Mill.) rootstocks inoculated with Phytophthora cinnamomi , the PC content was higher in asymptomatic plants, indicating that the defense mechanisms were activated ( Andrade-Hoyos et al

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Oscar Andrés Del Angel-Coronel, Juan Guillermo Cruz-Castillo, Javier De La Cruz-Medina, and Franco Famiani

such as avocado ( Persea americana Mill.) ( Ahmed et al., 2007 ; Cutting and Wolstenholme, 1991 ; Dixon et al., 2004 ), for which most of the weight loss was reported to be the result of water loss ( Cutting and Wolstenholme, 1991 ). When this

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Kelly M. Oates, Darren H. Touchell, and Thomas G. Ranney

( Al-Safadi and Elias, 2011 )], Vitis sp. [grape ( Kuksova et al., 1997 )], Saccharum sp. [sugarcane ( Suprasanna et al., 2008 )], and Persea americana [avocado ( Witjaksono and Litz, 2004 )]. To date, there have been no reports of the use of

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Ricardo Goenaga and David Jenkins

necessary. Retention of mature fruit on trees is sometimes practiced [e.g., avocado ( Persea americana )] to obtain better market prices. However, this practice can drive the tree into a biennial cropping cycle ( Schaffer and Andersen, 1994 ). In this

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Ricardo Goenaga

possibility of water stress impeding flower initiation or development in 2016 was ruled out because supplemental irrigation was supplied when necessary. Retention of mature fruit on trees is sometimes practiced [e.g., avocado ( Persea americana )] to obtain

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Nancy J. Chen, Marisa M. Wall, Robert E. Paull, and Peter A. Follett

Avocados ( Persea americana Mill.) are nutrient-dense fruits, high in unsaturated fats, fiber, niacin, folate, lutein, potassium, iron, and vitamins B 6 , C, E, and K ( USDA-ARS, 2008 ). The oil quality is beneficial to cardiovascular health, with

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Elisabeth M. Meyer, Thomas G. Ranney, Thomas A. Eaker, and Kelly Ivors

), Persea americana Mill. ( Gabor et al., 1990 ), Abies fraseri ( Frampton and Benson, 2004 ), and Eucalyptus marginata Sm. ( Stukely and Crane, 1994 ). Previous studies have suggested that resistance to P. cinnamomi may be partially recessive

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Donald J. Huber

initiated, varies among different fruits and with the ripening parameters selected for study. Softening of avocado ( Persea americana Mill.) was recalcitrant to 1-MCP (500 nL·L −1 , 18 h) applied beyond 48 h after ripening initiation ( Adkins et al., 2005

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Eric T. Stafne and Barbara J. Smith

-inducing or biostimulant properties. Phosphite has been reported to reduce plant stress and thereby indirectly improve yields and fruit quality. Woody fruit crops, such as avocado ( Persea americana ) and citrus ( Citrus sp.) ( Lovatt, 1999 , 2013 ) and