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Mengzi Zhang and Erik S. Runkle

effective at inhibiting flowering of SDPs. For example, the flowering of chrysanthemum, dahlia ( Dahlia hortensis ), and marigold ( Tagetes erecta ) was delayed by 42, 11, and 10 to 20 d when grown under 4-h night interruption (NI) provided by light

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Lee Ann Moccaldi and Erik S. Runkle

al. (2005) reported that increasing the DLI from 5 to 43 mol·m −2 ·d −1 during the finish stage accelerated flowering (by <5 d) in Salvia coccinea L., but Tagetes erecta L. flowered at a similar time under a DLI of 19 or 43 mol·m −2 ·d −1 ; node

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Jeff S. Kuehny, Matt Taylor, and Michael R. Evans

) that are composed of pressed wood pulp and a minimum of 74% recycled paper, with at least 37% post-consumer recycled (on dry weight basis) ( Fig. 1 ). Growth of marigold ( Tagetes erecta ), vinca, impatiens, geranium, and tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum

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Megan J. Bowman, David K. Willis, and Philipp W. Simon

)], maize [ Zea mays ( Buckner et al., 1996 ; Harjes et al., 2008 ; Vallabhaneni and Wurtzel, 2009 )], and marigold [ Tagetes erecta ( Moehs et al., 2001 )]. Of these previously studied plant species, none contributes as much to overall provitamin A

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Ritu Dhir, Richard L. Harkess, and Guihong Bi

inhibited as a result of elevated air temperatures or bleaching. Literature Cited Albano, J.P. Miller, W.B. Halbrooks, M.C. 1996 Iron toxicity stress causes bronze speckle, a specific physiological disorder of marigold ( Tagetes erecta L.) J. Amer. Soc

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Amanda Bayer, John Ruter, and Marc W. van Iersel

), Tagetes erecta L. ‘Queen Sophia’ ( van Iersel and Nemali, 2004 ), Salvia splendens F. Sellow. Ex Roem. & Shult. ‘Bonfire’ ( Burnett et al., 2005 ), and H. acetosella ‘Panama Red’ ( Bayer et al., 2013 ). Stem elongation is reduced by drought stress due

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Shuyang Zhen and Stephanie E. Burnett

dry weight and leaf area to plant height, increased linearly with increasing θ ( Fig. 4A and B ). van Iersel and Nemali (2004) reported that African marigold ( Tagetes erecta ) was smaller but less compact when grown at decreasing moisture levels

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Kristin L. Getter, Bridget K. Behe, and Heidi Marie Wollaeger

traditional insect management practices,” respectively. Among the plant species, verbena ( Verbena × hybrida ) was preferred more than moss rose ( Portulaca grandiflora ), whereas marigold ( Tagetes erecta ) and salvia ( Salvia splendens ) were equally

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Kellie J. Walters, Allison A. Hurt, and Roberto G. Lopez

weeks after transplant. R = red; W = white. Researchers have demonstrated that R radiation is as effective as FR radiation at inhibiting flowering of SD plants, including African marigold [( Tagetes erecta ) Craig and Runkle, 2013 ], chrysanthemum

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Michael W. Olszewski, Marion H. Holmes, and Courtney A. Young

during periods of drought ( Johnson and Leah, 1990 ). Potassium propenate propenamide copolymer-based hydrogel amendments delayed wilting during drought conditions for marigold ( Tagetes erecta ) and zinnia ( Zinnia elegans ) following incorporation into