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Yong Ha Rhie, Seonghwan Kang, and Jongyun Kim

uptake from the leaves. It has been established that the relative water content of leaves controls the stomatal movement of CAM plants at night ( Nobel, 1977 ), and that the stomata of CAM plants tend to close under water stress, thus reducing CO 2

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Tim R. Pannkuk, Jacqueline A. Aitkenhead-Peterson, Kurt Steinke, James C. Thomas, David R. Chalmers, and Richard H. White

and fall months where the trees at CS displayed significantly lower water use ( Table 5 ). Because of reduced water use in CS relative to SA, we suggest that the use of high sodium bicarbonate water may have affected plant water uptake. High soil

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Takafumi Kinoshita and Masaharu Masuda

differences in the modes of nutrient uptake in CRF- and LF-treated plants. Xylem exudates were analyzed after stem decapitation to assess nutrient uptake by the plant. The volume of xylem exudates per unit of time can be used to measure the activity of water

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Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

, lasting only a few hours after ABA treatment. It is possible that ABA temporarily increases water uptake through its impact on aquaporins and then limits it by causing morphological changes to the roots (i.e., suberization) as a means of protecting the

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Tongyin Li, Guihong Bi, Richard L. Harkess, and Eugene K. Blythe

, C.F. Bi, G. Fuchigami, L.H. Regan, R.P. 2011 Effects of irrigation frequency and nitrogen fertilizer rate on water stress, nitrogen uptake, and plant growth of container-grown rhododendron HortScience 46 1598 1603 Scagel, C.F. Bi, G. Fuchigami, L

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Iftikhar Ahmad and John M. Dole

; Nowak and Rudnicki, 1990 ). They maintain water uptake by acidifying solutions and controlling microbial growth ( McDaniel, 1996 ) and provide carbohydrates necessary to carry on metabolic activities after harvest ( Meyer, 2010 ). They can improve color

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Holger Weichert, Stefanie Peschel, Moritz Knoche, and Dieter Neumann

Rain cracking of sweet cherry fruit is an important limitation in crop production worldwide and is thought to be related to water uptake through the fruit surface. This uptake occurs by diffusion through the cuticle and by viscous flow along an

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Jacob H. Shreckhise, James S. Owen Jr., Matthew J. Eick, Alexander X. Niemiera, James E. Altland, and Brian E. Jackson

soilless substrate may improve the PUE of container-grown crops because P is retained in the root zone. In contrast to soils, pine bark substrates have no appreciable source of labile P to resupply pore-water with OP during root uptake. However, the effects

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Julián Miralles, Raquel Valdes, Juan J. Martínez-Sánchez, and Sebastián Bañón

., 2006 ); 2) the capacity to maintain nutrient uptake ( Chaparzadeh et al., 2003 ); 3) the capacity of plants to maintain a high K + /Na + ratio in their tissues ( Maathuis and Amtmann, 1999 ); and 4) the capacity to maintain a positive water balance

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Hailin Liu, Cunmeng Qian, Jian Zhou, Xiaoyan Zhang, Qiuyue Ma, and Shuxian Li

, the water uptake ratio was calculated and expressed as a percentage of the seed fresh weight. Germination after mechanical manipulation. Three experiments were performed to identify whether different tissues restrict the germination of C. florida