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Smiljana Goreta, Daniel I. Leskovar, and John L. Jifon

establishment, particularly under high field evapotranspiration conditions, even with optimum irrigation regimes. Restricted water uptake can lead to sudden and severe plant water deficit, resulting in transplant shock ( Nitzsche et al., 1991 ). High air

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Thomas R. Clarke and M. Susan Moran

107 WORKSHOP 15 Measuring Soil and Plant Water Status to Indicate Irrigation Needs in Horticultural Crops

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Carole L. Bassett, D. Michael Glenn, Philip L. Forsline, Michael E. Wisniewski, and Robert E. Farrell Jr

precipitation in other regions leading to widespread droughts, and alterations in survivability of various land-based organisms (for example, Breshears et al., 2005 ). In fact, increased tree mortality resulting from water deficit conditions is one of the more

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Harold McCutchan and K.A. Shackel

Abbreviations: ET, evapotranspiration; ψ, water potential; VPD, vapor pressure deficit. 1 UC Cooperative Extension, 733 County Center III Court, Modesto, CA 95355. This work supported in part by a grant from the California Prune Board. The cost of

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Jeff B. Million and Thomas H. Yeager

The container nursery industry is facing severe restrictions on water use ( Beeson et al., 2004 ). Container substrate water deficits can be measured directly by weighing ( Beeson, 2011 ; Million et al., 2010 ; Owen et al., 2007 ), indirectly with

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Pedro García-Caparrós, Alfonso Llanderal, Ahmed El-Tarawy, John Majsztrik, and María Teresa Lao

and substrate water-holding properties. This can lead to fertilizer leaching and runoff, and contamination of ground and surface waters from N and phosphorus (P) in runoff water ( Narváez et al., 2011 ). Global concerns about water quality and quantity

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Yiwei Jiang, Huifen Liu, and Van Cline

The decreasing availability of water has become more of a problem for turf management as a result of regional and localized drought, population growth, and a growing demand for water from competing uses. Improved irrigation management is important

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Sanjit K. Deb, Manoj K. Shukla, and John G. Mexal

Irrigation application in orchards should be timed so that tree water status is maintained at a level sufficient for optimum production. Irrigation scheduling decisions based on plant responses rather than measurements of soil water status have

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Sanjit K. Deb, Parmodh Sharma, Manoj K. Shukla, Theodore W. Sammis, and Jamshid Ashigh

Salinity stress is an ever-present environmental constraint to crop productivity in arid and semiarid regions. The quality of irrigation water remains a primary factor influencing soil salinity. In the arid and semiarid southwestern United States

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Gretchen B. North and Evan A. Baker

For desert succulents, and for several other plant species, older roots play a more active role in water uptake than is generally acknowledged. We suggest that older roots of most plants can and do take up water, and we discuss in more detail the