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Nobuyuki Fukuoka, Takamoto Suzuki, Keisuke Minamide, and Tatsuro Hamada

. 109 130 137 Asada, K. Takahashi, M. 1987 Production and scavenging of active oxygen in photosynthesis, p. 227–228. In: Kyle, D.J., C.B. Osmond, and C.J. Arntzen (eds.). Photoinhibition. Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Dela, G. Or, E. Ovadia, R

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Toshio Shibuya, Ryosuke Endo, Yuki Kitamura, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Nobuaki Hayashi

captions]. Öquist, G. Anderson, J.M. McCaffery, S. Chow, W.S. 1992 Mechanistic differences in photoinhibition of sun and shade plants Planta 188 422 431 Pausch, R.C. Britz, S

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Tessa Pocock

33 41 Pfannschmidt, T. Nilsson, A. Allen, J.F. 1999 Photosynthetic control of chloroplast gene expression Nature 397 625 628 Pocock, T. Hurry, V. Savitch, L.V. Hüner, N.P.A. 2001 Susceptibility to low-temperature photoinhibition and the acquisition of

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Neil C. Bell and James Altland

photoinhibition damage ( Werner et al., 1999 ). Some Cistus , such as C. albidus , have been shown to lose not only leaves, but stem and root tissues as well ( Sanchez-Blanco et al., 2002 ). These responses may allow the plant to persist from one year to the

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Sydney Lykins, Katlynn Scammon, Brian T. Lawrence, and Juan Carlos Melgar

warm, east Mediterranean climate Trees 28 3 347 351 doi: 10.1007/s00468-014-1001-6 Powles, S.B. 1984 Photoinhibition of photosynthesis induced by visible light Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 35 15 44 doi: 10.1146/annurev.pp.35.060184.000311 Pritts, M. Hanson

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Dario Mantovani, Adolfo Rosati, and Domenico Perrone

leads to photoinhibition; consequently, a reduction in primary production is to be expected ( Boyer, 1982 ; Larcher, 1995 ). Also, the decline of the photosynthetic rate with increasing water stress was quite moderate and became severe (83%) only at Ψ L

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez, Kelly St. John, Mohammad Yamin Kabir, J. Alberto Alvarado-Chávez, Ania M. Cutiño-Jiménez, Jesús Bautista, Gunawati Gunawan, and Savithri U. Nambeesan

leaf net photosynthesis with increasing leaf temperature was probably caused by stomatal factors due to plant water stress rather than by nonstomatal factors, such as photo-inhibition; this suggestion is supported by the similar PSII efficiency values

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Mahalaxmi Veerasamy, Yali He, and Bingru Huang

seedlings Plant Cell Physiol. 30 707 715 Havaux, M. 1992 Stress tolerance of photosystem II in vivo. Antagonistic effects of water, heat, and photoinhibition stresses Plant Physiol. 100 424 432 He, Y

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James T. Brosnan, Dean A. Kopsell, Matthew T. Elmore, Gregory K. Breeden, and Gregory R. Armel

subsequently zeaxanthin, the primary carotenoid responsible for preventing photoinhibition ( Baroli et al., 2003 ). When peak visual bleaching occurred (14 DAT), violaxanthin was reduced by more than 50% in topramezone- and tembotrione-treated plants and linear

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Ying Ma, Xinduo Li, Zhanying Gu, and Jian’an Li

crop diseases control Eur. Cell. Mater. 20 293 Dixon, R.A. Paiva, N. 1995 Stressed induced phenyl propanoid metabolism Plant Cell 7 1085 1097 Dodd, I.C. Critchley, C. Woodall, G.S. Stewart, G.R. 1998 Photoinhibition in differently colored juvenile