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Qingqing Duan, Ye Lin, Wu Jiang, and Danfeng Huang

microscope slide ( Bahareh et al., 2012 ). The light microscope with a 40× magnification lenses was used to count the number of stomata and epidermal cells. The counting was replicated on three plants in total 30 fields of view for each treatment during

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Shadia Nada, Siva Chennareddy, Stephen Goldman, Sairam Rudrabhatla, Shobha Devi Potlakayala, Puthyaparambil Josekutty, and Karelia Deepkamal

seedlings of pea ( Pisum sativum ), chickpea ( Cicer arietinum ) and lentil ( Lens culnaris ) Aust. J. Plant Physiol. 19 731 740 Mendi, Y.Y. Curuk, P. Kocaman, E. Unek, C. Eldogan, S. Gencel, G. Cetiner, S. 2009 Regeneration of begonia plantlets by direct

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Jennifer M. Bousselot, James E. Klett, and Ronda D. Koski

equation for the area of a circle: The process of DIA required taking digital images and then determining plant cover using image analysis software. Images were taken using a FujiFilm FinePix S3000 (6× optical zoom 3.2-megapixel lens; FujiFilm

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Yang Gao and Deying Li

-regulated fiber optic spectrometer (S2000-TR; Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL), which has a fiber optic cable connected to a lens allowing a view field the size of the turfgrass surface in the pot. A modified normalized difference ( mND ) vegetation index mND 750

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Linda Chalker-Scott

preparations have been uniformly ineffective. Compared with organically managed systems, additions of biodynamic preparations did not affect yields of cover crops ( Berner et al., 2008 ), forage grasses ( Reeve et al., 2011 ), lentil [ Lens culinaris

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Katrina J.M. Hodgson-Kratky, Olivier M. Stoffyn, and David J. Wolyn

rubber production in guayule Euphytica 44 259 264 Falconer, D.S. 1981 Introduction to quantitative genetics. Longman, London, England Fox, J. 2014 Through the technology lens: The expansion of rubber and its implications in Montane Mainland southeast Asia

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Sydney Lykins, Katlynn Scammon, Brian T. Lawrence, and Juan Carlos Melgar

. 2017 Viewing oxidative stress through the lens of oxidative signaling rather than damage Biochem. J. 474 6 347 351 doi: 10.1042/BCJ20160814 Gallagher, E.J. Mudge, K.W. Pritts, M.P. DeGloria, S.D. 2015 Growth and development of ‘Illini Hardy’ blackberry

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Kenneth R. Summy and Christopher R. Little

) (Nikon, Melville, NY) employing Kodak Ektachrome Infrared EIR film (Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY) fitted with a 55-mm lens and a Wratten 15 yellow filter (Tiffen, Hauppage, NY). Conventional color (RGB) photographs were obtained using a digital camera

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Olga A. Kildisheva, R. Kasten Dumroese, and Anthony S. Davis

, C.C. 2003 Breaking physical dormancy in seeds—Focussing on the lens New Phytol. 158 229 232 Baskin, C.C. Baskin, J.M. 1998 Seeds: Ecology, biogeography and evolution of dormancy and germination Academic Press San Diego, CA Baskin, J.M. Baskin, C

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Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, María del Pilar Vera-Hoyos, Natalia Jiménez-Beltrán, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

points. In addition, eggs and nymphs were counted in situ and registered per flush shoot using a 15X handheld lens. In general, samples for both trials were collected between zero and four WAT at intervals of seven days per sampling. Efficacy percentage