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Qingquan Chu, Jiangang Liu, Khaled Bali, Kelly R. Thorp, Richard Smith, and Guangyao (Sam) Wang

Rpt. 14 Maboko, M.M. Du Plooy, C.P. 2009 Effect of plant spacing on growth and yield of lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) in a soilless production system South African J. Plant Soil. 26 195 197 Ririe, D. 1972 Minimum spacing studies for lettuce Calif. Agr

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Yaguang Luo

the effect of water quality and the product-to-water ratio on the quality and microbial growth of packaged sliced Romaine lettuce. Materials and Methods Plant material. Romaine lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) was purchased from a produce

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Xin Zhao and Edward E. Carey

tunnels J. Plant Nutr. 25 981 998 He, J. Lee, S.K. 1998 Growth and photosynthetic characteristics of lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) grown under fluctuating hot ambient temperatures with the manipulation of cool rootzone temperature J. Plant Physiol. 152 387

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Rahmatallah Gheshm and Rebecca Nelson Brown

an alternative to conventional inorganic fertilizers in intensive lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) crops—Effects on soil and plant Soil Tillage Res. 160 14 22 Hunter, B.L. 2010 Enhancing out of season production of tomatoes and lettuce using high tunnels

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Kui Lin, Zhi Huang, and Yong Xu

Blue light effects on respiration Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 33 51 72 Lee, J.H. Felipe, P. Yang, Y.H. Kim, M.Y. Kwon, O.Y. Sok, D.E. Kim, H.C. Kim, M.R. 2009 Effects of dietary supplementation with red-pigmented leafy lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) on lipid

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H.J. Hill, Jesse D. Cunningham, Kent J. Bradford, and A.G. Taylor

) lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) types. Other benefits of priming include increasing the effectiveness of beneficial organisms in preventing seedling diseases ( Taylor et al., 1985 ) and eliminating seedborne bacteria from Brassica species ( Hill, 1999

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Norman Q. Arancon, Archana Pant, Theodore Radovich, Nguyen V. Hue, Jesse K. Potter, and Chad E. Converse

(Lactuca sativa L.) seeds Plant J. 3 405 417 Chiwocha, S.D.S. Cutler, A.J. Abrams, S.R. Ambrose, S.J. Yang, J. Ross, A.R.S. Kermode, A.R. 2005 The etr1-2 mutation in Arabidopsis thaliana affects the abscisic acid, auxin, cytokinin and gibberellin metabolic

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Qingwu Meng, Jennifer Boldt, and Erik S. Runkle

, and edible quality of hydroponically grown lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata) Scientia Hort. 150 86 91 Massa, G.D. Kim, H.H. Wheeler, R.M. Mitchell, C.A. 2008 Plant productivity in response to LED lighting HortScience 43 1951 1956 McCree, K

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Jenny C. Moore, Brian Leib, Zachariah R. Hansen, and Annette L. Wszelaki

well as reusable, and can be moved to another field the following year ( Hoffman et al., 2007 ). Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) is an important specialty crop for U.S. growers with head, leaf, and romaine lettuces having total crop values of $1.96 billion

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Russell W. Wallace, Annette L. Wszelaki, Carol A. Miles, Jeremy S. Cowan, Jeffrey Martin, Jonathan Roozen, Babette Gundersen, and Debra A. Inglis

., 2009 ; U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2011 ). High-value crops including fall/winter or early spring-grown spinach ( Spinacia oleracea ) and brassica greens ( Brassica sp.), leafy and head lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ), and various herbs are commonly