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Sarah E. Cathey, Jason K. Kruse, Thomas R. Sinclair, and Michael D. Dukes

maize ( Zea mays , L.; Muchow and Sinclair, 1991 ). During the first phase, the drying plants transpire at the same rate as the well-watered plants (NTR = 1), but at the beginning of the second phase, which occurs when the fraction of the transpirable

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Efstathia Exadaktylou, Thomas Thomidis, Brian Grout, George Zakynthinos, and Constantinos Tsipouridis

) in an attempt to improve the rooting of hardwood cuttings of the ‘Gisela 5’ cherry rootstock for use in the Greek horticultural industry. Materials and methods Plant material. Mother trees (1-year-old) were established at the Pomology Institute

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Manoj G. Kulkarni, Glendon D. Ascough, and Johannes Van Staden

ignited in a 20-L metal drum, and using compressed air, the smoke was continuously bubbled through a glass column containing 500 mL of tap water for 45 min ( Baxter et al., 1994 ). This smoke extract (500 mL) was filtered through filter paper (No. 1

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Thomas Sotiropoulos, Georgios Syrgianidis, Nikolaos Koutinas, Antonios Petridis, and Dimitrios Almaliotis

storage. Fruit ripens on the tree in mid- to late July, and a selective harvest of three picks is required. The fruit flavor is sweet. After harvest, fruits can be kept at room temperature for ≈1 week or they can be refrigerated (1 °C) for 1 month after

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Paul Deram, Mark G. Lefsrud, and Valérie Orsat

( Cook and Calvin, 2005 ). Today there are 23 million m 2 allocated to greenhouse fruit and vegetable production in Canada with sales exceeding $1.1 billion annually ( Statistics Canada, 2011 ). According to Brazaitytė et al. (2009) , in countries of

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Ryan Murphy, Duane McDowell, and Changbin Chen

phenotypes that were subjected to selection for dwarfness and short-season growth habit ( Fig. 1A ). ‘Ground Jewel’ and ‘Ground Dew’ are the result of 8 years of field selections from this initial pool of phenotypic variation and are the first two official

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Lu Zhang, Emilio Laca, Cara J. Allan, Narges M. Mahvelati, and Louise Ferguson

SSgompertz in the stats package and a custom Michaelis–Menten with offset function. The asymptotic regression model was y ( x ) = Asym { 1exp [ − exp ( Irc ) × ( x − c 0 ) ] } , [4] where x is thermal units, Asym is the asymptote, Irc is a parameter

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Guojing Li, Yonghua Liu, Jeffrey D. Ehlers, Zhujun Zhu, Xiaohua Wu, Baogeng Wang, and Zhongfu Lu

plants. To estimate the genetic distance of ABRS AAG/CTG98 marker from the Rr1 gene, linkage analysis was carried out on 127 F 2 individuals with MAPMAKER/EXP , ver. 3.0, software ( Lander et al., 1987 ), with a LOD threshold of 3.0. It is estimated

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Xiaofang Guo, Chengyan Yue, and Charles R. Hall

nurseries. The more established the firm, the larger the gross sales. The trade value of older small nurseries (which stayed in business for more than 27 years) was 9% [exp(0.083)–1] higher than that of younger small nurseries (which stayed in business for

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José Egea, Jose A. Campoy, Federico Dicenta, Lorenzo Burgos, Jose L. Patiño, and David Ruiz

211–18’, which was obtained from the CEBAS-CSIC breeding program ( Fig. 1 ). This cross was made with the objective of obtaining mid–early ripening cultivars with excellent fruit quality as well as optimal productivity with reduced need for thinning