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Iftikhar Ahmad, Brian E. Whipker, and John M. Dole

effectively delayed postharvest wilting and extended potential shelf life, which was probably due to compact plant growth with less transpirational surface area and number of stomata, increased leaf thickness or stomatal density, or induction of water stress

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Paul J.R. Cronje, Graham H. Barry, and Marius Huysamer

the study. Moreshet and Green (1980) concluded that the CO 2 uptake of the flavedo is not only dependent on light levels, but also fruit size (relating to stomatal density), chlorophyll concentration as well as the epidermal conductance, which has

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Frank G. Bethea Jr., Dara Park, Andrew Mount, Nick Menchyk, and Haibo Liu

significantly affected by stomatal aperture. In another study, Eichert and Burkhardt (2001) determined that not only stomatal aperture, but stomatal density had a significant effect on foliar uptake. Reduced foliar absorption documented from bentgrass

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Meng-Shiun Tsai, Tan-Cha Lee, and Pai-Tsang Chang

PPF that exists in fruit peel with a lower stomatal density results in a high surface temperature of the peel than that seen with the leaves under sunlight ( Glenn et al., 2002 ). Cheng and Ma (2004) indicated that the xanthophyll cycle functions as

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Wesley C. Randall and Roberto G. Lopez

–1 of 100:0, 0:100, or 70:30 red:blue light over a 16-h photoperiod. Petiole length of plants grown under 70:30 red:blue LEDs was reduced by 1.0 cm, whereas stomatal density and net leaf photosynthesis increased by 248 mm −2 and 1.2 μmol CO 2 per m

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Stefania De Pascale, Luisa Dalla Costa, Simona Vallone, Giancarlo Barbieri, and Albino Maggio

transpiration rate increases linearly with stomatal conductance ( g S ) as net CO 2 assimilation does, but the latter saturates at high g S due to enzymatic (rubisco) limitation. It is possible to improve WUE by reducing stomatal density and stomatal aperture

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Chase Jones-Baumgardt, David Llewellyn, Qinglu Ying, and Youbin Zheng

can influence the rate of postharvest water loss may also have a substantial influence on shelf life, more research is needed to elucidate how varying LI affects leaf morphology (particularly leaf thickness and stomatal densities) and relate these

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Juan I. Valiente-Banuet and Alejandro Gutiérrez-Ochoa

reported to adjust stomatal density in response to different light conditions, which gives them a higher degree of plasticity to changes in irradiance ( Fu et al., 2010 ). The increase in yield caused by partially shaded treatments could also be related to

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Sasmita Mishra, Scott Heckathorn, Jonathan Frantz, Futong Yu, and John Gray

decreases in chlorophyll concentration. Notably, not all past studies have observed effects of B deficiency on photosynthesis [e.g., on chlorophyll concentration, stomatal density, and PSII function; Stavrianakou et al. (2006) ]. Interestingly, in the

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Carolyn F. Scagel, David R. Bryla, and Jungmin Lee

(L.) following inoculation with Rhizobium and Pseudomonas Biol. Fert. Soils 45 405 413 Barbieri, G. Vallone, S. Orsini, F. Paradiso, R. De Pascale, S. Negre-Zakharov, F. Maggio, A. 2012 Stomatal density and metabolic determinants mediate salt