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Yan Wang

); however, other disorders are increased by the same low-O 2 conditions [e.g., PBC and black speck (BS)] ( Chen and Varga, 1989 , 1997 ) as well as insufficient softening during the shelf life period following storage ( Mattheis and Rudell, 2011 ). The

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Niels O. Maness, Donna Chrz, and Joseph C. Goffreda

The peach mutation `Stony Hard' confers a slow softening attribute to the fruit and also confers a highly reproducible predisposal of fruit to soften abnormally to a mealy texture. Induction of mealiness required continuous 48-hour 100-ppm ethylene exposure. `Stony Hard' fruit exposed to low ethylene concentrations (l ppm) or discontinuous 100 ppm ethylene softened more rapidly than fruit exposed to ethylene-free air but to a normal texture. Ethylene treatment failed to induce mealiness in selections without the `Stony Hard' gene. As quantitative methods for assessment of mealiness, mesocarp-extractable juice decreased, and buffer soluble solids and soluble polysaccharide galacturonic acid content increased for mealy fruit. `Stony Hard' peach fruit represent the only known system in which the concentration and duration of exposure to ethylene can be used to manipulate softening and textural properties of the fruit. Supported by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture grant 93-34150-8409 and the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Luiz C. Argenta, Xuetong Fan, and James P. Mattheis

apple cultivars include reduction of ethylene production and respiration rates, slower progression of ripening processes, including softening, loss of acidity, yellowing, volatile production, and reduced development of some physiological disorders ( Fan

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Martin Brüggenwirth and Moritz Knoche

the plasma membrane, and the sizes and shapes of the cells ( Niklas, 1992 ; Vincent, 1990a ). Effect of ripening Fruit ripening is characterized by softening due to the activity of cell wall–degrading enzymes, particularly pectinases ( Andrews and Li

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Emilie Proulx, Yavuz Yagiz, M. Cecilia, N. Nunes, and Jean-Pierre Emond

at 1 °C had more loss of firmness than those stored at 5 or 10 °C. Softening, increased flabbiness, loss of turgidity, wilting and shriveling, and dryness are visual symptoms generally associated with loss of moisture ( Nunes et al., 2007 ). In snap

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Xiaoyuan Feng, Baogang Wang, Wensheng Li, Lei Shi, Jiankang Cao, and Weibo Jiang

additional 3 d at 25 °C ( B ) in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Bars with the same letters are not significantly different ( P > 0.05). Vertical lines represent sd s of the means (n = 3). Phellodendron bark extract effects on fruit quality. Softening

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M. Cecilia Peppi and Matthew W. Fidelibus

Zeiger, 2002 ). Recently, we showed that application of ABA can increase the anthocyanin content and improve the color of ‘Flame Seedless’ grapes, but it also causes fruit softening, which is undesirable ( Peppi et al., 2006 ). The combined use of CPPU

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Shuai-Ping Gao, Kang-Di Hu, Lan-Ying Hu, Yan-Hong Li, Yi Han, Hui-Li Wang, Kai Lv, Yong-Sheng Liu, and Hua Zhang

. Discussion The present study shows that H 2 S fumigation extends postharvest shelf life of kiwifruit by counteracting fruit senescence, fruit softening, and decay. Our data show that the effects of H 2 S are likely exerted by reducing the impact of oxidative

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Meng Li, Huanhuan Zhi, and Yu Dong

soft fruit, such as dull skin color, surface pitting, and peduncle browning after storage or shipping, negatively impacts consumer purchase decisions ( Turner et al., 2005 ; Zheng et al., 2016 ). The causes of fruit softening are largely attributed to

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Todd C. Einhorn, Janet Turner, and Debra Laraway

at harvest ( Table 1 ). At six months, SC fruit were capable of softening to levels attained by other treatment fruit (data not shown). SC fruit attained ripening capacity after three months of cold storage in 2010, perhaps because fruit were