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Wook Oh, Erik S. Runkle, and Ryan M. Warner

seedlings and cuttings are established, and a finish plant stage, in which the young plants are transplanted into a larger container and grown until marketable ( Ball, 1998 ). During the young plant stage, seedling plugs are typically produced during the

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Brent L. Black

1 E-mail . The author gratefully acknowledges student intern Michele Sumi for technical assistance, Davon Crest Farms for supplying strawberry plug plants, and BASF Corp. for providing prohexadione-Ca. Mention of a trademark

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Nicole L. Waterland, John J. Finer, and Michelle L. Jones

Lavender’ (Kieft-Pro-Seeds), ‘Sorbet Yellow Delight’, or ‘Sorbet Babyface Purple’ (PanAmerican Seed) were used in the experiments as described subsequently. Plugs (young plants in the vegetative stage) were obtained from Green Circle Growers Inc. (Oberlin

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Nikki Hanson, Amy L. Ross-Davis, and Anthony S. Davis

plants from seeds is the formation of a firm root plug; i.e., one in which the root system remains intact when removed from the container ( Landis, 2014 ). Because milkweed plants develop rhizomes without many fibrous roots, transplanting or outplanting

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Edward W. Bush and Pamela B. Blanchard

. Restoration plantings have occurred at conservation areas, state and city parks, national wildlife refuges, shorelines, nature preserves, and hurricane protection levees. Nearly 20,500 student-grown plants from 13 shrub and tree species and 8000 plugs from two

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Fumiomi Takeda, D. Michael Glenn, and Gary W. Stutte

The fall-to-winter strawberry production system in the mid-Atlantic coast region combines the new technologies for containerized nursery (plug) plant production with the protected culture system ( Takeda, 1999 ). Short-day strawberry cultivars

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R.G. Linderman and E.A. Davis

and contaminant barrier filters. Jars were then autoclaved twice with an overnight cooling period between treatments. Thirty 6-mm-diameter mycelial plugs of a desired isolate were transferred aseptically from 14-d-old agar culture plates to each glass

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Antonio Pompeiano, Nicola Grossi, and Marco Volterrani

color. The aim of this study was to evaluate 10 genotypes of zoysiagrass established from plugs, assessing differences in establishment rate, winter color retention, and biometric traits in a Mediterranean area. Materials and methods Ten zoysiagrass

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Bhaskar Bondada

occurs after fertilization ( Greenberg, 1996 ). It may also result indirectly as a non-physiological cell death after the loss of their supply of nutrients and sugars as a result of inactivation of the phloem pathway ensuing from plugging of sieve plates

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Guoqiang Wang, Ping Qu, Hongying Huang, Guofeng Wu, and Haijun Yan

insufficient root development and root plug cohesion ( Boudreault et al., 2014 ). Good root development contributes substantially to the optimal quality of plug seedlings. In the process of handling and planting seedlings with a firm root plug are important for