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Menahem Edelstein, Meni Ben-Hur, and Zui Plaut

( Cucumis sativus L.), squash ( Cucurbita L.), muskmelon ( Cucumis melo ), and corn ( Zea mays L.) when boron concentrations in the nutrient solutions were 6, 12, and 16 mg·L −1 respectively. Lauter et al. (1989) showed that peanut ( Arachis hypogaea

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Hongmei Du, Zhaolong Wang, Wenjuan Yu, and Bingru Huang

-related gene in the early stage of drought stress in s drought-tolerant peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) cultivar. Nevertheless, how the decline in serine, GABA, and Ile in a drought-tolerant hybrid bermudagrass is associated with early drought responses may deserve

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Yiwei Jiang, Eric Watkins, Shuwei Liu, Xiaoqing Yu, and Na Luo

abundance along with a corresponding increase in epicuticular wax content in the tolerant genotype of peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) ( Kottapalli et al., 2009 ), suggesting its role in drought stress tolerance. Other drought-inducible genes encoding functional

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Subhankar Mandal and Christopher S. Cramer

vegetable wastes J. Yeast Fungal Res. 1 8 1840 1847 doi: 10.5897/JYFR.9000029 Shokes, F.M. Róźalski, K. Gorbet, D.W. Brenneman, T.B. Berger, D.A. 1996 Techniques for inoculation of peanut with Sclerotium rolfsii in the greenhouse and field Peanut Sci. 23 2

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Julie Campbell and Vanessa Shonkwiler

and older respondents were 8.9% more likely than Generation X respondents to be in this segment, as were women (8.2% more likely than men) ( Table 8 ). However, primary shoppers were 25.3% less likely to be included in this segment. Peanut purchasers

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Jules Janick

foreign devil) enter China through Manila, including tomato (fan eggplant), guava (fan pomegranate), papaya (fan quince), dicama, and yam bean (fan kudzu) become important parts of Chinese agriculture. Peanut is first mentioned about 1538, maize in 1555

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Fatemeh Haddadi, Maheran Abd Aziz, Ghizan Saleh, Azmi Abd Rashid, and Hossein Kamaladini

. Kunsong, C. Changjie, X. 2005 Regeneration mechanism of Toyonoka strawberry under different color plastic films J. Peanut Sci. 168 1425 1431

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Youbin Zheng, Linping Wang, Diane Feliciano Cayanan, and Mike Dixon

. Prod. Agr. 8 56 60 Borkert, C.M. Cox, F.R. Tucker, M.R. 1998 Zinc and copper toxicity in peanut, soybean, rice, and corn in soil mixtures Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 29 2991 3005

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Gayle M. Volk and Christopher M. Richards

. Holbrook, C.C. Anderson, W.F. Pittman, R.N. 1993 Selection of a core collection from the U.S. germplasm collection of peanut Crop Sci. 33 859 861 Hyten, D.L. Song, Q. Zhu, Y. Choi, I.-K. Nelson, R.L. Costa, J.M. Specht, J.E. Shoemaker, R.C. Cregan, P

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Mohammed Elsayed El-Mahrouk, Yaser Hassan Dewir, and Yougasphree Naidoo

plantlets were true to type. Literature Cited Al-Saghir, M.G. Abdel-Salam, A.G. 2015 Genetic diversity of peanut ( Arachis hypogea L.) cultivars as revealed by RAPD markers Amer. J. Plant Sci. 6 2303 2308 Chase, A.R. 1987 Compendium of ornamental foliage