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Zhi-Rong Li, Kang-Di Hu, Fen-Qin Zhang, Shi-Ping Li, Lan-Ying Hu, Yan-Hong Li, Song-Hua Wang, and Hua Zhang

florets in darkness using biochemical and molecular analysis and the interplay of H 2 S with sulfur metabolism, the ethylene pathway, and protein degradation. Materials and Methods Plant materials and treatment. Fresh broccoli ( Brassica oleracea var

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Lingyan Chen, Jinli Lai, Tianyou He, Jundong Rong, Muhammad Waqqas Khan Tarin, and Yushan Zheng

changes that involves four stages, 15 reactions, and 15 related enzymes ( Wang et al., 2009 ). In the presence of any barrier blocking this pathway, chlorophyll biosynthesis is ended. Studies on these blocking steps have focused on leaf color mutants or

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Mary Woodhead, Ailsa Weir, Kay Smith, Susan McCallum, Katrin MacKenzie, and Julie Graham

, as they are associated with functional genes. The aim of this study was to add new gene-based markers to the red raspberry genetic linkage map and determine if they associate with known QTL. ESTs and genes involved in metabolic pathways influencing

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David A. Munter, James J. Luby, and Neil O. Anderson

species are theorized to develop via several pathways ( Ainsworth, 2000 ; Darwin, 1877 ; Pannell, 2002 ; Ross, 1982 ; Webb, 1979 ). The particular pathway taken by a species can be partially inferred by examining its flower sexual types

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Jitao Li, Nian Wang, Lina Wang, Haiping Xin, and Shaohua Li

reduction in crop productivity on as much as half of the irrigated land in the world. Signal transduction pathways triggered by various stresses, including drought and high salt content, share a number of signaling components that transduce the signal into

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Cheng Bai, Charles C. Reilly, and Bruce W. Wood

lower in xylem sap from Ni-D than from Ni-S trees ( Table 1 ). Substances of the ureide catabolic pathway were also affected in that Ni deficiency substantially reduced the concentration of xanthine but increased allantoic acid in spring sap of Ni

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Bing Li, Jingjing Zhang, Xiurui Gao, Xiuqing Pan, Rong Zhou, and Yanrong Wu

influencing anther wall lignin synthesis and the flavonoid metabolism pathway ( Sun et al., 2021 ). Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and phytohormones are two important signaling systems involved in plant responses to abiotic stress, and drive changes that

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Yan Hong and SiLan Dai

( Dong et al., 1998 ), the partial light-dependent type ( Zhou, 2004 ), and the light-independent type ( Xu and Li, 2006 ). Accordingly, two hypotheses pertaining to the light-dependent and light-independent anthocyanin biosynthetic pathways have been

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Vanessa E.T.M. Ashworth, Haofeng Chen, Carlos L. Calderón-Vázquez, Mary Lu Arpaia, David N. Kuhn, Mary L. Durbin, Livia Tommasini, Elizabeth Deyett, Zhenyu Jia, Michael T. Clegg, and Philippe E. Rolshausen

density. The second set of SNP markers was developed in a gene discovery effort targeting candidate genes from several biosynthetic pathways involved in fruit nutrient composition. These candidate-gene SNPs (CG-SNPs) have not previously been published and

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Sameh Sassi-Aydi, Samir Aydi, and Chedly Abdelly

( Gonzalez-Dugo et al., 2010 ; Lodeiro et al., 2000 ). Both N assimilation routes have diverse influences on drought tolerance because of the differences in the use of energy and the reduce of power characteristics of those pathways ( Schubert, 1995