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Mindy L. Bumgarner, K. Francis Salifu, and Douglass F. Jacobs

levels (0 versus 1.2 g nitrogen/plant), and media composition at three levels. The fertilizer treatment consisted of incorporation of CRF (Osmocote Plus 5–6 months release 15N–9P–12K with micronutrients; Scotts Co., Marysville, OH) at the time of media

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Emily R. Vollmer, Nancy Creamer, Chris Reberg-Horton, and Greg Hoyt

success of conservation tillage in organic systems is highly influenced by management of crop rotation for weed and disease control and nitrogen availability. Cover crops used in rotation with cash crops require additional management; however, they also

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Michael A. Fidanza, David L. Sanford, David M. Beyer, and David J. Aurentz

, University Park) for processing and analysis. Laboratory tests measured the following properties: pH, carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio, soluble salts, solids, moisture, organic matter, carbon, total nitrogen (N), organic nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, phosphate (P 2

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Catherine M. Grieve, James A. Poss, Peter J. Shouse, and Christy T. Carter

disposal and nitrogen pollution of the environment posed serious implications for the industry ( Skimina, 1980 ). Extensive research by that company led to the construction at the Azusa site of a water recycling plant capable of processing 5.3 × 10 6 L

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Richard O. Carey, George J. Hochmuth, Christopher J. Martinez, Treavor H. Boyer, Vimala D. Nair, Michael D. Dukes, Gurpal S. Toor, Amy L. Shober, John L. Cisar, Laurie E. Trenholm, and Jerry B. Sartain

federal Clean Water Act, the FDEP establishes surface water quality standards for the state ( FDEP, 2012 ). For example, the nitrate–nitrogen (NO 3 –N) standard for Florida springs is 0.35 ppm. These standards become important benchmarks against which to

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Isaac T. Mertz, Nick E. Christians, and Adam W. Thoms

Many commercial turfgrass fertilizers are referred to as specialty fertilizers. These products contain nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), in addition to organic materials such as plant hormones, humic substances, amino acids (AAs), or

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Elizabeth A. Wahle and John B. Masiunas

PhD degree. The research was supported by funds from Hatch project #65-0334 of the Univ. of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. We thank John Swiader and Richard Mulvaney for the use of their laboratories to conduct the nitrogen analysis.

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Danielle D. Treadwell, George J. Hochmuth, Robert C. Hochmuth, Eric H. Simonne, Lei L. Davis, Wanda L. Laughlin, Yuncong Li, Teresa Olczyk, Richard K. Sprenkel, and Lance S. Osborne

phosphate are added to this mixture to adjust the pH, provide micronutrients and nitrogen, and provide a slow release of phosphorus. Ideal media for basil production should be composed of particles large enough to allow adequate pore space for microbial and

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Brian E. Jackson, Robert D. Wright, and Mark M. Alley

; Wright and Browder, 2005 ). In contrast to peat and PB, plant production in substrates composed of wood, or large portions of wood, have a tendency to become nitrogen (N) -deficient as a result of high rates of N immobilization ( Handreck, 1991 , 1993

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Erik J. Landry and David J. Wolyn

have a negative impact on yield ( Bai and Kelly, 1999 ). Nitrogen remobilization from photosynthetic tissues to overwintering storage organs could be limited because 90% of fern nitrogen translocates to the crown during senescence ( Ledgard et al., 1994