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Qingrong Sun, Meijuan Sun, Hongyan Sun, Richard L. Bell, Linguang Li, Wei Zhang, and Jihan Tao

Spearman’s correlation coefficient using SAS PROC CORR. All data were analyzed as randomized complete block experiments with replication as a random effect. Rootstock and medium were considered fixed effects. For the percentage of regeneration, cytokinin

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Irfan Ali Sabir, Xunju Liu, Songtao Jiu, Matthew Whiting, and Caixi Zhang

≈12- to 14-d period following fertilization ( Olmstead et al., 2008 ), and this stage is therefore targeted for improving quality with exogenous PGRs. The applications of gibberellic acid, auxin, and cytokinins are responsible for growth at a certain

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Duane W. Greene, Aldo J. Crovetti, and Johan Pienaar

-year period. There are at least three reasons for this very slow and deliberate process. First, abscission was not one of the major characteristics attributed to cytokinins thus an intuitive or science-based connection was not made between cytokinins

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Bärbel Röck-Okuyucu, Meltem Bayraktar, Ismail Hakki Akgun, and Aynur Gurel

) was achieved in cultures established on WPM supplemented with 2.22 μ m BA + 2.69 μ m NAA ( Table 1 ). Of the three cytokinins (BA, Kn, and TDZ), BA was more effective than Kn and TDZ in both nodal and shoot tip explants in terms of shoot

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Chia-Yun Ko, Tsai-Yun Lin, Chin-Wen Ho, and Jei-Fu Shaw

cytokinin ( Fig. 4A ) or with the addition of 5 μM IAA/1 μM BA ( Fig. 4D ). Under these conditions, shoot explants exhibited more vigorous growth and fresh weight increased from 2.00 g to 6.79 g ± 0.59 (mean ± confidence interval) in hormone-free medium and

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Yan Zhang, Cuiyue Liang, Yan Xu, Thomas Gianfagna, and Bingru Huang

Leaf senescence is a natural process of leaf maturation, but it can be induced prematurely by environmental stresses. Cytokinins (CKs) have been well known for their function in delaying leaf senescence, and even in reversing the process of leaf

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Xiaoming Wang, Yongxin Li, Huijie Zeng, Neng Cai, Zhongquan Qiao, Xiangying Wang, and Jianjun Chen

purplish foliage, and is considered one of the most commonly produced cultivar. Different culture media, cytokinins, and auxins for axillary shoot induction were evaluated and microcuttings were rooted in vitro and ex vitro. A reliable protocol for in vitro

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Nathalie Nivot, Alain Olivier, and Line Lapointe

could be applied on a commercial basis for trillium species. The most detailed technique requires the application of a lanolin paste containing cytokinin on the cut surface of the rhizome, then once a callus is formed, a regular application of

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Cameron Northcutt, Daniel Davies, Ron Gagliardo, Kylie Bucalo, Ron O. Determann, Jennifer M. Cruse-Sanders, and Gerald S. Pullman

pH adjusted with KOH or HCL before autoclaving to 5.7, 5.2, 4.5, or 4.0. Based on positive results from the previous trial, a second trial was conducted at pH 5.7 and 4.5. Sarracenia shoot multiplication experiments Expt. 6: Cytokinin type and shoot

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Michael Kantar, Kevin Betts, Brent S. Hulke, Robert M. Stupar, and Donald Wyse

been implicated in both breaking dormancy and initiating growth after dormancy, but the role of these hormones has not been clearly defined ( Coleman, 1998 ). Cytokinins have been implicated in the maintenance of dormancy in potato tubers ( Coleman