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John M. Capik, Megan Muehlbauer, Ari Novy, Josh A. Honig, and Thomas J. Molnar

.). Genetic resources of temperate fruit and nut crops. Int. Soc. Hort. Sci., Wageningen, The Netherlands Mehlenbacher, S.A. 1994 Genetic improvement of the hazelnut Acta Hort. 351 23 38 Mehlenbacher, S.A. 1997 Revised dominance hierarchy for S-alleles in

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Umesh R. Rosyara, Audrey M. Sebolt, Cameron Peace, and Amy F. Iezzoni

.F. Andersen, R.L. Schmidt, H. Tao, R. Tobutt, K.R. Wiersma, P.A. 2005 Proceedings of the S-allele workshop at the 2001 International Cherry Symposium Acta Hort. 667 25 35 Kempthorne, O. 1957 An introduction to genetic statistics. Wiley, New York, NY Konovalov

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Aliya Momotaz, Jay W. Scott, and David J. Schuster

LA1777 R allele as 1, heterozygote as 0.5, and the S allele as 0 for each marker. QTL and stepwise multiple regression analyses. Analysis was performed on 138 of 171 F 2 plants comparing the genotypic marker data with the phenotypic egg count

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Hisayo Yamane, Yukinobu Kashiwa, Tomomi Ooka, Ryutaro Tao, and Keizo Yonemori

. Sugiura, A. Murayama, H. Sassa, H. Mori, H. 1999 Molecular characterization of S -alleles through identification, characterization and cDNA cloning for S-RNases in sweet cherry J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 124 224 233

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Lingli Lou and Todd C. Wehner

; g M (medium stripe) is the third dominant and is dominant over g N and g , but recessive to G and g W ; g N (narrow stripe) is the fourth dominant; and g (solid light green or gray) is the recessive. The g S allele from ‘Golden Honey’ may

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Chad E. Finn and John R. Clark

); medium brown seedcoat color; readily blanched; low proportion of double kernels and creased kernels. Tree: upright; vigorous; production on spurs and terminal shoots including lateral dard-type shoots from 5–20 cm in length; cross-compatibility S-allele