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Robert D. Wright, Brian E. Jackson, Jake F. Browder, and Joyce G. Latimer

more recent alternative substrate similar to sawdust was described by Wright and Browder (2005) . They demonstrated that Japanese holly ( Ilex crenata ‘Chesapeake’), azalea ( Rhododendron obtusum ‘Karen’), and marigold ( Tagetes erecta ‘Inca Gold

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Brian K. Hogendorp, Raymond A. Cloyd, and John M. Swiader

quantification procedure. z A plant species that may not benefit from supplemental silicon-based fertilizer applications is marigold. Frantz et al. (2008) reported that ‘African Atlantis Primrose’ marigold, Tagetes erecta L. plants, which received a nutrient

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Glenn B. Fain, Charles H. Gilliam, Jeff L. Sibley, Cheryl R. Boyer, and Anthony L. Witcher

, marigold ( Tagetes erecta Big. ‘Inca Gold’) grown in a 3 pine chips:1 pinebark (by volume) substrate were equal to those grown in a 100% pinebark substrate when additional nutrients were applied to pine chip substrate. More recently, Boyer et al. (2006a

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Ariana P. Torres and Roberto G. Lopez

.), marigold ( Tagetes erecta L.), petunia, salvia ( Salvia coccinea L.), vinca ( Catharantus roseus L.), and zinnia ( Zinnia elegans L.)]. After 35 d of propagation, relative leaf chlorophyll content was obtained to confirm uniform appearance and to

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Richard O. Kelly, Zhanao Deng, and Brent K. Harbaugh

comparison with new cultivars in future trials, and the effective elimination of previously evaluated cultivars was accomplished for marigolds ( Tagetes erecta and T. patula ), pansies, and violas in our initial evaluations. Detailed information for each

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Linsey A. Newton and Erik S. Runkle

active endogenous gibberellins by PGRs can reduce plant height. Paclobutrazol effectively inhibits elongation of several floriculture crops, including seed impatiens ( Impatiens walleriana ), salvia ( Salvia splendens ), marigold ( Tagetes erecta

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Katherine F. Garland, Stephanie E. Burnett, Lois B. Stack, and Donglin Zhang

43 mol·m −2 ·d −1 . They found that only one, african marigold ( Tagetes erecta ‘American Antigua Orange’), showed an increase in height with more light through all DLIs examined. Both ageratum ( Ageratum houstonianaum ‘Hawaii White’) and petunia

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Hans C. Wien

)], and african marigold [ Tagetes erecta ( Badge et al., 2014 )]. In herbaceous perennials such as delphinium ( Delphinium elatum ) pinching of early shoots breaks apical dominance to encourage growth of secondary shoots ( Garner et al., 1997 ). Although

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Kimberly A. Moore, Amy L. Shober, Gitta S. Hasing, Christine L. Wiese, Geoffrey C. Denny, and Gary W. Knox

Sally’ salvia, ‘Bonanza Yellow’ marigold ( Tagetes erecta ), and ‘Cooler Pink’ vinca ( Catharanthus roseus ] increased as N fertilizer rate increased from 0 to 2 lb/1000 ft 2 N per year; but, the authors reported no effect of N rate on aesthetic quality

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Jacob H. Shreckhise, James S. Owen Jr., and Alex X. Niemiera

levels. Lower P concentrations in pour-through leachate compared with the fertilizer solution have also been observed in containerized Tagetes erecta L. ‘Inca Gold’ ( Tolman et al., 1990 ) and Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Freedom Red’ Willd. Ex Klotzch