Interaction of Harvest Maturity, Cold Storage, and Two Growth Regulators on Ripening of ‘Bartlett’ Pears1

in Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science
Norman E. LooneyCanada Department of Agriculture Research Station, Summerland, B. C. Canada

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Ripening of ‘Bartlett’ pears at 20°C was assessed in samples harvested weekly beginning 4 weeks prior to commercial harvest maturity. Ripening was promoted by delaying harvest, by 1- and 2-week periods of storage at 4.4°C, or both. Early summer treatments with 750 and 7500 ppm succinic acid-2,2-dimethylhydrazide (SADH) delayed ripening but this effect was counteracted by both delayed harvest and postharvest storage at 4.4°C. It is concluded that SADH delays ripening by influencing an endogenous mechanism for controlling ripening in pears.

Contributor Notes

Received for publication April 22, 1971. Contribution Number 317.

The author gratefully acknowledges the technical assistance of R. G. Killick.

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