Foliar Application of Liquid Urea-triazone-based Nitrogen Fertilizers and Crop Safety

in HortTechnology
Author: J.G. Clapp Jr.1
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  • 1 Manager. Agronomics and Commercial Development, Triazone Division, Arcadian Corporation, 310 Clapp Farms Road, Greensboro, NC 27305.

Urea-triazone-based nitrogen (N) solutions were evaluated for potential leaf injury on agronomic and horticultural crops at 61 commercial grower sites throughout the United States. Poliar spray solutions containing triazone N were used at concentrations ranging from 1.5% to 15.7%. Safe N concentrations for urea-triazone-based N products ranged from 1.5% for crops such as sweet corn, apple, cherry, and pear, and up to 15.7% for nursery root stocks. Urea-triazone-based N solutions were found to be much safer on crop foliage than ammonium-, nitrate-, and/or all urea-based foliar fertilizer products than reported in the literature.