Evaluation of Herbicides and Herbicide Application Timings for Carrot

in HortScience
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  • 1 North Dakota State University, Carrington Research Extension Center, Oakes, ND, 58474

Few herbicides are available for weed control in carrot. Many of those that are available are old and are in danger of being discontinued. From 2000–04, field experiments were conducted on sandy loam soils at the Oakes Irrigation Research Site in North Dakota to evaluate some of the newer herbicides for possible use in carrot production. Herbicides were tested with preplant incorporated (PPI), preemergence (PRE), and/or several postemergence (POST) application timings. The major weed in this study was hairy nightshade. Cloransulam applied PRE severely injured carrot. Dimethenamid reduced carrot stand and isoxaflutole injured carrots when they were applied PRE. Neither controlled hairy nightshade when applied either PRE or POST, resulting in carrot yield reductions. Acetochlor reduced carrot stand when applied PRE and did not control hairy nightshade when applied either PPI or PRE, resulting in reduced carrot yield. Mesotrione killed carrots when it was applied PRE, but only slightly injured carrots when applied POST. Carrot yield was reduced in some years due to lack of hairy nightshade control when mesotrione was applied POST. Sulfentrazone reduced carrot stand and yield when applied PRE. It was less injurious to carrots when applied POST, but carrot yields were reduced in some years due to lack of hairy nightshade control. Flumioxazin severely reduced carrot stand when applied PRE. When it was applied after carrots were 8 cm tall, it slightly injured carrots, but did not reduce yield except in one year when it did not control hairy nightshade. None of the herbicides tested did consistently as well as the old standards of linuron, DCPA, and trifluralin, but flumoixazin, sulfentrazone, and mesotrione may hold some promise if applied POST.

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