Amylase and Endo-β-mannanase Related to the Germination of Eggplant Seeds

in HortScience
Yu Sung*National Chung-Hsing Univ., Hort. Dept., Taichung, Taiwan, 402, R.O.C.

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Germination of `Fond May' eggplant seeds at 25°C could be increased by after-ripening fruit or fresh seed treated with KNO3 or GA3 or priming. There were high amount of starch and low amount of soluble sugar in after-ripening seed or primed seed. The amount of soluble sugar in after-ripening seed was higher than that in control seed before the radicle protrusion at 25 °C and 25/30 °C. Starch amount in after-ripening seed imbibed at 25/30 °Cwas significantly high. Soluble sugar in un-after-ripening seed imbibed at 25 °C for 2-3 days had higher amount and the high activity of β-amylase was appeared in the second days. Activity of amylase in primed seed imbibed at 25 and 25/30 °C for 3 days increased. The activity of endo-β-mannanase was high in after-ripening or priming or GA3 treated seed at 25 °C.

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