482 Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Plant Size, Branching, and Flowering in Petunia × hybrida

in HortScience
Author: Shi-Ying Wang1
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  • 1 PanAmerican Seed Co., 1S861 Green Road, Elburn, IL 60119

Five Wave™ petunias, i.e., `Purple Wave™', `Pink Wave™', `Misty Lilac Wave™', and `Rose Wave™', and two hedgaflora petunias, i.e., `Dramatica Cherry™', and `Dramatica Hot Pink™', were investigated to determine the effects of plant growth regulators on plant size, branching, and flowering. Plant regulator treatments consisted of daminozide (B-Nine) spray two times at 7500 ppm, Paclobutrazol (Bonzi) spray two times at 30 ppm, paclobutrazol drench at 5 ppm, paclobutrazol drench at 5 ppm plus spray at 30 ppm, and ethephone (Florel) spray two times at 500 ppm. Plant diameter and central stem height were controlled effectively through daminozide spray and paclobutrazol drench. Plant branching was promoted by ethephone and daminozide. However, time to flowering was delayed significantly in the ethephone treatment. The size of the first flower responded to plant growth regulators negatively. The different responses to growth regulators among different types of petunias and different varieties in the same petunia type will be discussed based on the current trial and other separated experiments.