Performance of New Muscadine Cultivars and Selections in Mississippi

in HortScience
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  • 1 USDA–ARS Small Fruit Research Station, P.O. Box 287, Poplarville, MS 39470

Eight cultivars, including five recent releases, five selections from the Florida AES, and 16 selections from the Georgia AES were planted in the muscadine germplasm working collection at McNeil, Miss., in 1992. All cultivars and one replication of the selections were evaluated in 1997. None of the new cultivars yielded as much as `Fry', the standard fresh fruit cultivar. The percent dry picking scar of `Dixie' and `Fry' was low. `Tara', `Polyanna', and `Fry' produced the largest berries. Percent soluble solids was lowest in `Fry', `Nesbitt', and `Alachua' but highest in `Dixie' berries. `Fry', `Alachua', and `Polyanna' had the lowest and the other cultivars did not differ in number of seed per berry. One selection, 33-1-4, appeared to have the qualities of a potential cultivar. Incidence and severity of berry rots were generally low.