Seed Storage Media Effects on Persimmon Germination

in HortScience
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  • 1 UKREC, P.O. Box 469, Princeton, KY 42445-0469

Common persimmon, Diospyros virginiana, a medium to large, attractive native tree of narrow habit, is potentially a valuable landscape tree due to its tolerance of diverse environmental conditions. Previous work by the authors demonstrated that seed stored in perlite or peat moss had a higher percent germination following cold storage than seed stored without media. Seeds were prepared for cold storage by two methods: 1) moist seed—cleaned (cap, skin, and the easily removed pulp discarded), and (2) dry seed—cleaned, dried for three days, and the remaining pulp removed. The media were either dried or moistened, but not saturated. The treatments were: 1) moist seeds; 2) dry seeds; 3) moist seeds in dry perlite; 4) moist seeds in moist perlite; 5) dry seeds in dry perlite; 6) dry seeds in moist perlite; 7) moist seeds in dry peat moss; 8) moist seeds in moist peat moss; 9) dry seeds in dry peat moss; 10) dry seeds in moist peat moss. Seed was stored at 4.4° for 142 days. Germination of seed stored in dry perlite was not significantly different from that stored in moist perlite or peat moss, but dry peat moss significantly limited germination regardless of seed preparation.

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