Seed Germination of Four Lupine Species under Differing Osmotic Condition

in HortScience
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  • 1 1Texas A&M Univ. Research and Extension Center, 1380 A&M Circle, El Paso, TX 79927
  • | 2 2Texas A&M Univ. Research and Extension Center, 17360 Coit Road, Dallas, TX 75252-6599

Seeds of four lupine species (L. microcarpus var. aureus, L. havardii, L. succulentis, and L. texensis) were subjected to 0, –2, –4, –6, or –8 bars osmotic potential using PEG 8000 solutions. Seeds of all species were acid scarified prior to placement in petri dishes containing the osmotic solutions. Petri dishes were placed in a seed germination chamber at 25°C with germination data collected daily for 15 days. Seeds of L. havardii, a desert species native to west Texas exhibited the greatest germination as osmotic potential declined while L. succulentis, a species adapted to moist sites, exhibited the greatest decline in germination as osmotic potential decreased. The other species exhibited intermediate germinability under the lower osmotic potentials.