Using Cupric Hydroxide to Reduce the Rooting-out of B&B Stock During Storage

in HortScience
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  • 1 Dept. of Plant Sciences, Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881

Cupric hydroxide formulated as Spin Out™ [7% Cu(OH)2 in a latex carrier] was used to prevent the rooting-out of Taxus × media Rehd. `Densiformis' root balls into surrounding mulch or soil during storage over a 4-month period. Treatments evaluated in one study included: painting the bottom of the root ball with copper-paint, setting the root ball on copper-treated burlap or ordinary copper-treated burlap; rewrapping the root ball with copper-treated burlap before mulching or burlapping with copper-treated burlap, with appropriate controls. All treatments provided good control of rooting-out after 12 to 16 weeks storage. The most effective treatments were setting the root ball on copper-treated burlap (unmulched; 92% reduction in root count after 16 weeks) and rewrapping or burlapping into copper-treated burlap (mulched; 90% and 86% reduction in root count after 16 weeks). A second study used TexR® Agroliner (Spin Out™-treated non-woven fabric), on which root balls were set (unmulched treatments), rewrapped or burlapped (mulched treatments). TexR® Agroliner stopped rooting-out completely without adversely affecting plant quality. Using copper-treated burlap to prevent rooting-out during storage can reduce the incidence of re-balling and root removal prior to shipping and planting B&B nursery stock.

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