Using Subirrigation to Root Stem Cuttings: Comparison to Mist and Effects of Nutrition

in HortScience
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  • 1 Dept. of Horticulture, Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA 50011-1100.

Use of subirrigation to root stem cuttings was compared to using mist, and effects of fertilization during subirrigation were determined. All cuttings of Dendranthema ×grandiflorum (Ramat.) Kitamura `Charm' and Coleus ×hybridus Voss. rooted, but misted D. ×grandiflorum `Charm' had a higher mean root mass than subirrigated cuttings. Percentage rooting and mean root mass of subirrigated Acer rubrum L. `Franksred' were 95% and 321 mg, whereas mean root mass of the 21% of cuttings that rooted with mist was 38 mg. Percentage cuttings with callus, mean callus diameter, rooting percentage, and mean root mass of Syringa retuculata (Blume) Hara were 77%, 124 mm, 21%, and 52 mg with subirrigation and 45%, 63 mm, 0%, and 0 mm with mist. Subirrigation with <7 mol N/m3 improved rooting of Impatiens hawkeri Bull. `Celebration Bright Scarlet' and A. rubrum `Franksred'. Subirrigation can replace mist, and effects of fertilizer in subirrigation solution vary among taxa.