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  • 1 Citrus Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences, Horticultural Sciences Department, 700 Experiment Station Road, Lake Alfred. FL 33850

Protoplast culture following polyethylene glycol (PEG)-induced fusion resulted in the regeneration of somatic hybrid plants from the following combinations: `Succari' sweet orange (C. sinensis L. Osbeck) + `Ponkan' mandarin (C. reticulata Blanco), `Succari' sweet orange + `Dancy' mandarin (C. reticulata), `Succari' sweet orange + `Page' tangelo [a sexual hybrid between `Minneola' tangelo (C. reticulata × C. paradisi Mcf.) × `Clementine' mandarin (C. reticulata)], `Valencia' sweet orange (C. sinensis) + `Page' tangelo. `Succari' and `Valencia' protoplasts were isolated -from ovule-derived embryogenic cell suspension cultures and from seedling leaves for the other parents. Somatic hybrid plants were Identified on the basis of leaf morphology and electrophoretic analysis of isozyme banding patterns. Root tip cell chromosome counting is being performed on all plants. Other putative somatic hybrids Include: `Succari' sweet orange + `Minneola' tangelo; `Succari' sweet orange + `Murcott' tangos (C. sinensis × C. reticulata); `Valencia' sweet orange + `Murcott' tangor; and `Valencia' sweet orange + `Dancy' mandarin. These plants may have direct cultivar potential, but there primary use will be for interploid hybridization with selected monoembryonic scions to produce improved seedless triploids.

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