Chlorophyll Fluorescence as a Nondestructive Indicator of Freshness in Harvested Broccoli

in HortScience
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  • 1 Agriculture Canada, Research Station, Agassiz, B.C. VOM 1A0, Canada

Chlorophyll “a” fluorescence (Fvar) was compared with respiration and vitamin C content of broccoli [Brassica oleracea L. (Botrytis group)] during storage at 1C. The amplitude of the Fvar maxima declined in a similar manner as respiration and vitamin C content. Fvar was highly correlated with respiration (r = 0·83, P > = 0·0001). The correlation of Fvar with vitamin C content was weaker (r = 0·42, P > = 0·0002). The results demonstrate that Fvar is an indicator of postharvest changes in broccoli and that Fvar can be used as a nondestructive indicator of early changes in tissue condition (i.e., degree of freshness) of broccoli in storage.

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