Role of Sucrose in Bud Development and Vase Life of Cut Liatris spicata (L.) Willd.

in HortScience
Author: Susan S. Han1
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  • 1 Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003

Sucrose addition to the vase solution improved the postharvest qualities of cut liatris by increasing the length of inflorescences showing color and by prolonging the vase life of the spikes. The main effect of sucrose was on the development and opening of the flower heads with minimal effect on their longevity. Pulsing with concentrations of sucrose ≥10% for 20 hours prolonged the vase life of the spikes. Responses of spikes to the pulsed treatment varied greatly due to the differences in their degree of leafiness, thus limiting its commercial application. A continuous supply of 2.5% or 5% sucrose in the vase solution allowed most of the flower heads on the spikes to develop and doubled the vase life of the spikes.