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  • 1 Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011

'Honeoye' (June-bearing) and 'Tristar' (day-neutral) strawberries were harvested, graded, and then stored for 7 days et 2C or 21C in air (control) or each of these 8 modified atmospheres: 1.5% O2, 3.5% O2, 15% CO2, 25% CO2, 1.5% O2 + 15% CO2, 1.5% O2 + 25% CO2, 3.5% O2 + 15% CO2, and 3.5% O2 + 25% CO2; all balance N2. When compared with storage at 21C, storage at 2C reduced weight loss and gray mold growth in all corresponding sets of storage atmosphere treatments. The combination of increased CO2 and decreased O2 controlled weight loss and gray mold growth more effectively than treatment with reduced O2 alone. Storage at 2C (versus 21C) reduced respiration of both cultivars. Respiration decreased as the O2 concentration decreased. 'Tristar' did not produce C2H4 at either temperature, whereas `Honeoye' produced more C2H4 at 21C than it did at 2C. Increased CO2 and/or decreased O2 concentrations in the storage atmosphere are not satisfactory substitutes for proper low-temperature storage of strawberries.

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