Citrus Pentaploids from Small Seeds of Diploid × Diploid Crosses

in HortScience

Seedlings from some small seeds of diploid × diploid crosses using `Miyauchi iyokan' (Citrus iyo Hort. ex Tanaka) as the seed parent were found to be pentaploid (2n = 5x = 45). The growth of pentaploid seedlings was extremely weak on their own roots, but was much more vigorous when micrografted on seedlings of tetraploid trifoliate orange [Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.]. Diploid `Miyauchi iyokan' produced hexaploid seedlings from small seeds in addition to triploid and tetraploid seedlings from normal seeds when crossed with tetraploid `Funadoko' (C. funadoko Hort. ex Y. Tanaka) and `Trovita' sweet orange [C. sinensis (L.) Osbeck]. Based on this phenomenon, the origin of pentaploids is discussed.

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