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Authors: J.W. Scott1 and J.P. Jones1
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  • 1 Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, IFAS, Univ. of Fla., Bradenton, FL 34203.

Forty-two Lycopersicon pennellii Corr. D'Arcy accessions, from the Tomato Genetics Stock Center, were inoculated for resistance to Fusarium wilt race 3 at the 3-leaf and cotyledon stage. All were over 90% healthy when inoculated at the 3-leaf stage but had greater disease incidence at the cotyledon stage. Crosses were made between healthy plants within each accession. Using this seed, 39 accessions were 100% healthy and 3 were over 96% healthy when inoculated at either stage. Seventeen F1's with susceptible parents were tested for race 3 and all had over 80% healthy plants. Twenty-two accessions were tested for Fusarium wilt race 1 and race 2. For race 1, 21 were 100% healthy and 1 was 91% healthy, For race 2, 20 were 100% healthy, 1 was 96% healthy, and 1 was 75% healthy. Forty accessions were screened for Fusarium crown rot and Verticillium wilt. For crown rot, LA 1277, LA 1367, and LA 1657 were over 95% healthy, 6 other accessions were over 68% healthy and several others had over 50% healthy plants, All 40 were susceptible to Verticillium wilt race 1. L. pennellii appears to be a good source of resistance to Fusarium sp. but not to Verticillium wilt.