Flowering of Apple Seedlings 16-20 Months after Germination1

in HortScience
Herb S. AldwinckleNew York State Agricultural Experiment Station Geneva, New York

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Apple seedlings of two progenies whose parentage was predominantly cultivated apple (Malus spp.) were forced under optimum growing conditions in the greenhouse. Without chilling, flowering started on occasional plants 16 months after germination. Manual defoliation induced synchronous bud break very efficiently. By 20 months after germination 86% and 68% of surviving seedlings in the two progenies had flowered. The phase change from juvenile to adult occurred 10-14 months after germination or possibly earlier.

Contributor Notes

Received for publication June 17, 1974. Approved by the Director of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station for publication as Journal Paper No. 2107.

Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology.

The author thanks Herb Gustafson for technical assistance; Gertrude Catlin for the photographs; Dr. R. C. Lamb and David Terry for making the crosses, stratifying and planting the seed; and Drs. W. J. Render, J. N. Cummins, and R. D. Way for helpful discussions.

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