‘Sunglow’ American Witchhazel

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    Field-grown plant of Hamamelis virginiana ‘Sunglow’ displays yellow autumn foliage after leaves have dropped in McMinnville, TN, on 23 Oct. 2011.

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    Hamamelis virginiana ‘Sunglow’ produces large, lemon-yellow inflorescences 6.5 cm long and about 1.8 cm wide in McMinnville, TN, on 17 Nov. 2016.

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    Rooting percentages of Hamamelis virginiana ‘Sunglow’ stem cuttings taken at monthly intervals treated with 0, 5000, or 10,000 mg·L−1 of K–IBA after 10 weeks in 2-inch containers under intermittent mist in Cookeville, TN, n = 10.

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