480 Evaluation of Potted Anthurium Cultivar Performances under Interior Environments

in HortScience

Anthurium cultivars are being produced primarily as cut-flower plants. Whether Anthurium can be used as a flowering interiorscape plant is not well documented. Therefore, five finished Anthurium cultivars were evaluated in interior acclimatization rooms under two light intensities provided by cool-white fluorescent lamps for 12 hours daily: 16 mmol·m–2·s–1 (low light) and 48 16 mmol·m–2·s–1 (high light). Temperature of the rooms was maintained at 24 °C with a relative humidity of 60%. Total number of open flowers and number of senesced flowers were recorded weekly over 5 months. In addition, plant canopy height and width and total number of leaves were measured monthly. Number of open flowers per week ranged from 1.4 to 4.7 under low light and 2.4 to 6.3 under high light. The cultivar Red Hot showed the best performance with a weekly average flower count of 4.7 under low light and 6.3 under high light. All cultivars continued to produce new leaves, ranging from one to five per month under low light and two to five leaves under high light. Leaves were dark green and shiny under the interior conditions. Growth index of `Red Hot' increased 31% under low light and 20% under high light. Results from this study demonstrate that Anthurium can continue to grow and produce flowers under interior environmental conditions. Variation among cultivars indicates that genetic potential exists for selecting improved cultivars based on interior performance.

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